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Ramadhan Holidays

I’m really grateful for having a 2 week holiday … Time to not wasting this holiday. Last Wednesday I was invited to go to Dufan, Ocean Dream Samudra, and Atlantis in Ancol. A very unique and unforgettable moments .. On Saturday, I went to Bandung and enjoy the beautiful scenery and unforgettable till now. Unfortunately, tomorrow I will return to Jakarta and continue activity again.


Oh my God… My Wallet was almost stolen by pickpocket.. I relieve that I could escape from their bastard’s action.. I was on Transjakarta’s Bus. And then someone’s hand was in my pocket and try to steal my wallet.. And I slapped his hand.. then He pretended like an innocent person.. After Quit from bus, I quickly ran into Transit station and enter the Bus again.. Thank God I’m saved

Guys.. soryy for my inactivity.. I’m too busy with my game projects. I have a new announcement… this blog is connected to tumblr.. So check this out..