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Holiday at Hometown

Hello fellas! Today I want to share some stories about my holiday in Bandung. Last week, I arrived at Bandung on 16:00. Then I went to my cousin’s house, and I Stayed there. Last Monday to Friday, I went to several location, they were : Istana Plaza, Paris Van Java, Festival Citylink, Cihampelas Walk, and Trans Studio Bandung, it was unforgettable experience.. 🙂 Last Wednesday, I watched Despicable Me 2. It made me laugh along the story… Now today, I went to eat lunch at Padang Resto, then Tonight, I will go to a mall with cousin’s big family…

That’s all.. More post next week.. 🙂 Thanks for reading..


Holiday with my Cousins

Hey guys! Now I’m on holiday, especially my cousin from Bandung came to Jakarta to stay in my house for 10 days. We just play computer and watching TV, but on Last Sunday, I’ve watched Monster University with my cousins. That’s pretty exciting!