On 3rd December ’12, I was looking at the game review of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky via Google. I found it so i opened it, and it shows that PMD EoS is a bad game. But for me, it’s great and highly recommended than other Pokemon’s Game. 



For me, it’s horrible to see that bad score on this favourite game in the world.

And I think this is the real review that people would accept:

  • Presentation : 7.5 – New Maps, New Concept of Story.
  • Flow Story : 8 – Adventurous, Makes the player so curious what happened next.
  • Sound Quality : 6 – GBA Sound Quality, but it’s better than previous version.
  • Gameplay : 7.5 – Using logic and Strategies, so the player can interact with their mind and skill.
  • BGM Arrangement : 9.8 – Connects with the Stories’  Situation.
  • Graphics : 6.5 – Same as GBA

Additional Score for this Game (1-10)

  • Mental Interaction : 9.5 – The flows of story connects the player’s mental. It has an illfeel in the end of story
  • Lasting Appeal : 9 – Post Stories, and Special Episode.

My Rating for this Game is : 8.0 – Very Good. But still need improvements.


That’s All – Drazor